Brannon Finney

Boat Captain in Petersburg


Brannon Finney, a fisherman, owns a fleet of boats near Petersburg, Alaska, where he works. Finney has accumulated an incredible collection of world-class catch while fishing the eastern seas off the Kenai Peninsula for more than two decades. Working in the Prince William Sound enables her to visit Valdez, Cordova, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, and Whittier, among other beautiful sites.

When she is not out at sea harvesting or conducting port maintenance and prepping her yacht, Alaskan Girl, for her next cruise, she often takes advantage of the gorgeous landscape in the area. When she's out on an adventure, whether it's skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, or just taking a stroll in one of the region's many wonderful natural preserve areas, a selfie is never far from sight.

Today is the start of yet another hectic day on the ocean for Brannon Finney and her all-female crew in Prince William Sound, Alaska. In an all-female fleet, having a female boat commander is even more unusual than having a female crew.

The fact that women are equally as competent as men, according to Brannon Finney, is no longer a mystery. Life and work onboard a commercial fishing vessel, on the other hand, are not easy! The majority of the ladies I've chatted with have exhibited little interest in my professional or personal life. The issue is that I don't have any other options. For the last two decades, here is where I've been catching fish. This is all I'm aware of.

In his early twenties, Brannon Finney started working as a crew member on fishing boats. She believes she was able to walk on water for the first time as a youngster. After a long time in the ocean, it's still thrilling to walk on the beach for the first time. Irregular leg motions, such as taking a step you didn't plan to take, are uncommon. It's all about regaining a sense of balance and stability.

The weather in the Prince William Sound may change in a matter of seconds. Wind speeds may quickly increase from zero to fifty miles per hour in only ten minutes. You must keep your eyes on the prize like a sailor in such seas. According to OSHA, commercial fishing in Alaska is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Always be attentive and make sure your safety equipment is in excellent working condition. Tragedies occur much too often in this town.

Her vessel's upkeep has a direct impact on the safety of her crew and the long-term prosperity of her company. Commercial fishing boats, according to Brannon Finney, contain a variety of systems and components that need frequent maintenance.

"Take the hull, for instance," Brannon Finney says. Cracks and leaks, stress regions, rusted through holes, and stringer irregularities should all be checked on a regular basis. You'll also need to remove the 93-ton vessel from the ocean, clean any barnacles and rust from exposed areas, prime all exposed areas, wash the vessel with a pH-balanced detergent, and finish with a government-compliant wax and paint.

According to Brannon Finney's account, the boat's electrical, fuel, mechanical, and heating/waterproofing systems must all be maintained. Being an Alaskan commercial fisherman during peak season is more than a profession; it's a way of life that takes your whole focus.